About the Blog

First Post: June 8, 2014
Why I started this blog:
I started this blog after going to Book Expo America in 2013 and BookCon in 2014 because when I went to these events I got to see all these authors, librarians, and bloggers. At first I was confused and was unsure of what a book blogger was and did. So I did some research and found out what a book blogger was and I thought that I should try this. I mean I loved books so much and I wanted to share
the books that I like with everyone. One of the biggest things that led to the creation of this blog was my twitter account. On twitter I followed a bunch of authors and soon after that a lot of bloggers. So then came the blog creation. It took me about two months to set up a blog because it was really confusing at first. Eventually I took the time and was able to start setting up a blog. Still to this day I am discovering more and more and my blog is always changing. I can't wait to go to Book Expo America this year, especially because I am going to the BEA Book Bloggers Conference and I hope to meet many new people and bloggers! So don't be shy and come say hi to me!


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